Our Vision

•    Build a multi-cultural church in Citrus County
•    Train church leaders to evangelize and impact the world for Jesus Christ
•    Outreach program for the hungry and needy
•    Outreach ministry in our jails and prisons
•    1,000 - 3,000-member congregation
•    Full-time ministry staff (Pastors, Youth Pastors, Secretaries, Administrators,       Teachers, and volunteers) to help support the vision
•    School for Christian youth of all ages
•    School of ministry for higher education
•    Street ministry of over 40 dedicated believers 
•    Homes for drug addicts, homeless, ungovernable children, elderly without          income, and any persons in need
•    Music ministry with a choir
•    Reach the entire County with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
•    International Ministry reaching all Nations

Worldwide mission team for Citrus County and other areas God may send