Our Vision


To build a Multi-Cultural church in Citrus County


To train Church Leaders to Evangelize and Impact the World for Jesus Christ


To form an outreach program for the hungry and needy


To have 500-1500 youth to impact schools


To have a 1500-3000 member congregation


To have a Full Time Staff (Pastors, Youth Pastors, Secretaries, Administrators, Teachers and Volunteers to help Support the Vision


To have a school for Christian Youth of all ages


To form a School of Ministry for Higher Education


To have a Street Ministry of over 40 Dedicated Believers


To build a Recovery Home for Drug Addicts, Homeless, Ungovernable Children, Elderly without Income and All in Need


To build a Life Center with a State of the Art Gymnasium for many Christian Activities


To form Television adn Radio Broadcast of all Services/Activities


To have a Multicultural Music Ministry with a Mass Choir of more than 100 people


To have a Musical Recording Contract


To reach the Entire County with the Gospel of Jesus Christ


To form a Worldwide Mission Team for Citrus County and other areas God may send